Who We Are

AfyaZima is a health technology and management firm that specialises in providing consultancy, procurement, design, and distribution services to promote health technology transfer and strategic healthcare investments between international global health technology innovators & research institutions, investors, and local healthcare providers in Africa.


Consultancy: Mapping the appropriate strategy to aid the adoption of identified health technologies.

Procurement & Distribution: Access low-cost, high-performance global health technologies.

Promoting local health innovation: Access to strategic partners, stakeholders and investors to facilitate local healthcare innovation.

Latest Project

Blood Pressure mCuff

Blood Pressure mCuff

The Blood Pressure mCuff is an official collaboration between AfyaZima Africa Ltd and EWH Oxford. The mCuff is a device to measure a patient’s blood pressure, and heart rate using a cuff on the upper arm. Based on this simple and well-tested idea, the solution connects the cuff to a digital unit, converting the pressure signal into a form that can be read by a PC, tablet computer or Smartphone. The electronic device performs the necessary calculations using the oscillometric method, and displays blood pressure and heart rate on its screen. Included in the solution is the software that the device uses (the ‘App’), a secure method of transmitting this data to a server if required, and medical record server software to manage this data securely. This approach can be easily replicated to future medical devices that will be connected to tablets or mobile phones.

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